Horseshoe Resort Downhill MTB Video

That’s right, Horseshoe Resort is offering lift-accessed downhill mountain biking as of this Thursday, July 1st. We got a sneak peak on Friday courtesy of the resort and altough there are only two runs open (the creatively named Trail One and Trail Two) they’re really fun. The trail builders are passionate riders and have been busting their asses to get these trails running. Two more trails will be added within the next two weeks. With lots of rolling, flowing terrain and fast, clay-packed berms, it’s definitely a hoot ripping down these vertically-challenged runs.

Lift tickets are tentatively $20 for four hours or $24 for 10 am to dusk.

With so many liability issues in Ontario regarding mountain bikes, it’s great to see Horseshoe giving it the old college try. They’re supporting us, so let’s hope Ontario’s downhilling community reciprocates. See you out there!

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Horseshoe Valley Resort DH Trails from Mountain Life Magazine on Vimeo.


21 thoughts on “Horseshoe Resort Downhill MTB Video

  1. these trails must be lactose intolerant because there is no trace of cheese in any section of this hill, straight up unreealll.

  2. These trails are sick …. loving testing them before the general public gets a lash !
    Folks it’s about time we nut up or shut up …… that’s right stretch your plumbs to the knees ! It’s actually quite well designed and the learning area is progressive and gives the rider a taste of what’s to come.
    It’s not for the hero, chest beating extreme warrior wannabe ! but hell it’s fun !

  3. i want to ride those trails!! where is it found pls? i’m not from Canada. thks

  4. Well done Horseshoe, Mountain Biking needs more facilities like this. Col, great head cam footy, you guys using the HD now?

    I’d like to see Talisman and the Beaver Valley have something a like… Working on it. FYI – Road bikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, hikers are more then welcome to pop in to grab water, beverages and beer! Yup ride out to Talisman for a nice cold one… I’ll be looking for volunteers to build trails in the future, e-mail me and I’ll add you to our list. [email protected]

    Col, let’s set a date to go rip Horseshoe, road trip!


    1. You probably need to get a waiver signed yeah. I’m not sure though. Why not contact horseshoe?

  5. awesome video, kudos to whoever put Face to Face in there ;p
    I’m gonna hit up these trails for the first time this weekend I’m stoked!!

  6. Hey, just wondering what the operating hours are now, if they are open at all (Oct 14)? I can’t believe that I did not hear about this place sooner

  7. Born to Ride Bicycle will be onsite at Horseshoe Resort with bike rental and guided tours. We offer Giant BMX, dirt jump, hardtail mountain bikes, disc and full suspension MTB bikes and will have Specialized downhill bikes for rent. Full crash gear will also be available for rent.
    Check out our cross country mountain bike tours, many of which prepare you for the downhill tracks!

  8. My son and I have been riding downhill at Horseshoe Valley from the first it opened.By far the best and most accessible downhill trails around. The price of the season pass is well worth the money for what you get. The runs are are for all levels of riders but still have some great technical features as well.
    We can’t wait for the 2012 season to get going.

  9. Had alot of fun there. I feel they built the best course they could for the size of the hills.

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